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    • See how the IMGE team helped the Liberal Party of Australia win their
      2013 election and defeat Obama's Digital Team.

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    • Online Political Advocacy

    • We develop digital media solutions that influence the masses on an individual level. Experience, talent and track record make IMGE the market leader for digital media solutions.

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    • Online Corporate Advocacy

    • IMGE specializes in developing, managing, and executing digital strategies and digital advocacy for a variety of corporate and association clients. We help our clients build groups of online advocates to augment traditional corporate advocacy work.

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    • Data Services

    • IMGE provides a focused data-driven approach to everything from ad buying to emails. Our driving principle is to take an evidence-based approach to person-to-person contact.

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Our Services

  • Online Fundraising

  • Raising money is often critical to a cause or campaign. At IMGE our track record speaks for itself. Building the right audience of followers online and developing the optimized tools and landing pages are crucial to your success. Having increased fundraising levels by over 600% in some cases, you can be assured that our team has the experience and knowhow to execute your fundraising campaign effectively.
  • Advertising & Data

  • Our digital advertising solutions have driven millions of potential customers and voters to become engaged with our clients. Our experienced teams use the most effective tools to ensure you maximize your return on investment. IMGE solves the challenges currently faced with respect to “stove-piped” data that is non-communicative across different applications. We can build predictive models and algorithms that will inform strategic decisions for political and issue based campaigns.
  • Website & Social Media

  • After building your digital marketing effort, the millions of people now engaged with your business or campaign need somewhere to go. We provide intuitive and interactive websites, apps, and platforms which deliver your messaging effectively and efficiently. Effective marketing efforts take advantage of every possible outlet to deliver your message. Our team has experience building audiences of nearly 3 million followers for a single Facebook page!
  • Creative Production

  • IMGE has a dedicated team of designers and branding professionals focused solely on defining your reputation. Effective marketing campaigns can require high quality creative and video production, but it doesn’t end there. Developing a unique image that can be shared within your industry is critical to growth. We have created and continue to maintain the digital persona of some of America’s most iconic corporations and politicians.

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Phil Musser Featured in National Journal

Chris Christie Isn't Just Focused on Governors' Races as RGA Chairman The New Jersey governor is aggressively building GOP chits as he prepares for a possible 2016 presidential run.   September 18, 2014 New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's cross-country midterm campaign tour continued this week,[...]

Phil Musser Featured in Wall Street Journal

Christie Wades Into Fight for Senate New Jersey Governor Tests National Appeal SALEM, N.H.—New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has expanded his role in campaigning for Republican candidates for U.S. Senate, further testing his national appeal in races where the stakes are legislative control of Washing[...]

IMGE Hires 7 New Employees

Growing Digital Firm IMGE Announces Seven New Hires Expanding Operation Adds Sales, Political, Communications, Design and Video Staff ALEXANDRIA, VA – IMGE, a digital advocacy firm specializing in technology, targeted advertising, and strategy for political, corporate and association clients[...]



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